“The Fuzz” tells the bittersweet life story of Police Officer Ray Mills, as he works the streets of one of London’s toughest council estates.
Ray is an eccentric and possibly unstable Police Officer, prone to romanticize his childhood as a defence mechanism. He gradually begins to divulge a hidden darkness that may have influenced his every decision since childhood.
Over the course of a day, Ray unwittingly confesses a deep hatred for his father and a long held dream to be better than him. As the frustrations of the day and his family life rise, he is forced to confront his own anxieties, that he may not succeed in bettering his father, and due to the tragedy of his personal life, may actually be no different than the very man he hates most. As the tensions reach boiling point RAY is forced to reveal not only great strength, but also a tragic weakness that will ultimately leave his position within the Police force in question.
“The Fuzz” is a high tempo, stylistic tragedy that merges elements of documentary and Brechtian cinema. “The Fuzz” examines the tragedy of deep aspiration, colliding with the uncontrollable realities of life, while also questioning a man’s ability to fight his upbringing, his bloodline and ultimately himself.

Release October 2016

©️ Hornsleth Attack Production

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