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What is HTP?

HTP, also called the HOMELESS TRACKING PROJECT, is an art project by Kristian von Hornsleth where art collectors can own a homeless person.

The art collector will own a portrait painting of the homeless person along with an app connected to a gps locator attached on the portrayed homeless person.

HTP will run for 12 months starting from October 2016. The art collector can look at the painting and always know where his own homeless guy is located.

Other people interested in the project can also follow the homeless guy on the HTP website but only with outdated tracking data.

Anyone who meets the homeless guys can upload photos and stories onto the HTP website.


Where can I see the Project?

HTP will have a permanent showcase display at The London West Bank Art Gallery in Notting Hill, 3-5 Thorpe CI, London W10 5XL, +44 20 8960 7080. Here the visitor will find the original portrait painting along with all the project info.


Tracking the Homeless
Please select a homeless by clicking portrait below and follow instructions.
HTP Homeless #06
Mark - born in 1972 and homeless since 2016
Photos of Homeless
Checkout the Photos section to post a homeless photo or view the photos posted by visitors.
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Videos of Homeless
Checkout the Videos section to view more videos about the HTP project and homeless.

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Phone: +44 778 783 779
Mail: info@povertytrackerproject.com

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